Rudi Pillen was a world famous Belgian artist. He was born in Moen, a small village close to Kortrijk, in Belgium.

In 1949 he studied at the Sint-Lucas school in Gent. In 1956, Rudi Pillen moved to Zaïre, Africa. The African culture is recognized in his colourfull compositions. After 13 years Rudi Pillen returned to Belgium. The most famous masterpiece of Rudi Pillen can be found in Bangkok, Thailand. A 2 by 10 metres painting inaugurated by Princess Astrid and Pince Lorentz of Belgium.

Rudi’s work of art can be admired all over the world. San Franscisco, New York, Chicago, Paris, Kinshasa, Johannesburg are just a few of the places where Rudi displayed his work.